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Stepper Motor F.A.Q

Q: how to control the stepping motor rotation direction?

A. you can change the direction of the control system level signals.

B. wiring of the motor can be adjusted to change direction, specific practices are as follows:

For two-phase motor, only the exchange of motor line will be one of the access to the stepper motor drives, such as A + and A - exchange.

For three-phase motor, which can not be A phase of the motor line exchange, exchange and should order two phase, such as the A + and B + exchange,A - and B - exchange.

Q: stepper motor noise particularly big, not strong, and the motor vibration, do?

Encounter this kind of situation because of stepping motor working in oscillation area, solution:

A. to change the input signal frequency CP to avoid oscillation area.

B. the subdivision driver, reduce interval Angle, running smooth.

Q: after the step motor power, motor shaft turn not do?

There are several reasons can cause motor does not turn:

A. the overload locked-rotor

B. if motor is damaged

C. motor is offline

D. whether CP pulse signals to zero

Q: after electrify, stepper motor drives motor in shaking, can not work, do?

Encounter this kind of situation, first check the motor winding is connected to the drive and no wrong, if not wrong, to check whether the input pulse signal frequency is too high, whether lifting frequency design is not reasonable. If all these reasons are not, may be the drive phase, please contact with our company.

Q: how to make better lift curve of step motor?

The speed of the stepper motor is along with the change of the input pulse signal. Theoretically, as long as give drive pulse signal. For each pulse (CP), to drive stepping motor spins a step away from the Angle of (segmentation for a subdivision step Angle). But, due to the stepper motor efficiency relations, CP signals change quickly, stepping motor will keep pace with the change of the electric signal, then step produces locked-rotor and lost phenomenon. So when the stepper motor in high speed, must have the acc process, must have a slow process when to stop. General law of acc and slow down the same, the following introduce in advance, for example:

Acc process composed of jump frequency higher speed curve (slow down the process or vice). Hopping frequency cannot too big, otherwise also can produce locked-rotor and out of step. Speed curve is generally for exponential curve or after repairing the exponential curve, of course, also can use a straight line or sine curve, etc. User needs according to his own to choose the appropriate response frequency and load speed curve, it is not easy to find a ideal curve, general need many times of commissioning. Exponential curve in the process of practical software programming more troublesome, general in advance good time constant is stored in computer memory, direct selection in the course of work.

Q: step motor burning, how much is the normal temperature range?

Stepper motor temperature can make the motor demagnetization of magnetic materials, which can lead to torque decline and even out of step. 囙 looks the most high temperature should be allowed the motor depends on the different point of demagnetization magnetic materials. Demagnetization of magnetic materials, in general, some are above 130 degrees Celsius, or even higher. So the stepper motor appearance completely normal at 80-90 degrees centigrade.

Q: two phase stepper motor differ and four phase stepper motor?

Two phase stepper motor only two on the stator winding, has four stages, the step is 1.8 °, half step is 0.9 °. In the drive, as long as the two phase winding electric current and current direction control. And four phase step motor with four windings on the stator, eight root, the step is 0.9 °, half step 0.45 °, but need to control four windings of the drive, the circuit is relatively complex. With two phase so two-phase motor drives, four phase eight line motor is parallel, serial, unipolar three connection. And connection method: four two two phase and phase winding, the winding resistance and inductance exponentially decreases, and when the motor running speed performance is good, high speed with load torque, but the motor need two times the rated current input current, fever is larger, the driver output capacity requirements increase. But when used in tandem, the winding resistance and inductance increases exponentially, motor stability during low speed running, small noise and fever, to drive demand is not high, but high-speed torque loss is big. So the user can choose according to request four phase eight step motor wiring method.

Q: motor is four phase six lines, as long as four line and stepper motor drives, how to use?

For four phase six line motor, intermediate tap two wires dangling don't pick up, the other four lines connected to the drive.

Q: reactive stepping motor and the difference between hybrid stepping motor?

On the structure and material is different, the hybrid motor internal permanent magnet material, so the operation of the hybrid stepping motor is relatively smooth, floating residual output is big, the noise is small.

Q: three-phase reactive stepper motor is four lines, and requiring six lines, drive motor can use excuse me?

Our company produces the three-phase reactive stepping motor driven motor drive was six line (independent three winding line), four thread machine can't use.